Drug Program Information

The responsibility of seeing that you are compliment, relative to the Drug Program Regulations lies soley with the employer! The Employer is you or your company. You must see that you and any crew members that perform safety sensitive duties are enrolled in a randon drug testing program. For a UPV, it is easier to go to a consortium for the randon drug testing. The rest of the items you are responsible for. Some consortiums may assist you with these other pieces of the Drug & Alcohol Regulations.

Pieces of the regulations:

Pre-Employment drug test (or a waiver)

Sample Company Policy relative to Drug & Alcohol testing

Drug & Alcohol Background Check for new hires

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for new hires

Random Drug Testing & USCG MIS Report

Sample Crew Swapping Contract between two companies

Serious Marine Incident (SMI) drug & alcohol testing

Excerpts from Subchapter C - requirements for UPVs

List of DOT Approved devices that meet the 2 hr alcohol testing rule

Drug Testing collection sites in the USCG First District

Note that the Drug Program requirements are USCG & DOT Regulated Programs. The collector (person who is giving you the drug or alcohol test) must meet DOT certification requirements. You are required to have an alcohol test within 2 hours of a Serious Marine Incident. The saliva test strips or any other screening test device must be DOT certified with a Lot & Expiration date. The person giving you any alcohol test must meet DOT certification requirements. If you are using a saliva test strip that you carry aboard, it must be used before the expiration date. You should have a passenger witness the test and sign a paper relative to what they saw for a result. If you have a result .02% BAC or higher you must, within 15 to 30 minutes, have a confirmation alcohol test done by a BAT using and EBT. If your confirmation test is .04% BAC or higher you are legally intoxicated.