Some regulations for charter boats (UPV) and their operators

They have different regulations than those for recreational vessels.

So what is a charter boat

What is the UPV Program

The below items are not new regulations, they have been in place for many years.

A UPV is a commercial passenger carrying vessel when they have 1 or more for-hire passengers aboard. On passenger carrying vessels there are only two types of people aboard, Passengers or Crew. UPVs are limited to a max of 6 Passengers.

A commercial passenger vessel that is greater then 5 net tons must be documented with "coastwise" endorsement. How do I know if I need to be documented?

You must have Type 1 life jackets (only 2 sizes: adult or child) for all aboard. They must have reflective tape on them and also have water lights.

Captain & crew that do safety sensative duties must be enrolled in a drug program, have had a Pre-employment Drug Test (or a waiver), Drug & Alcohol Background Check done, and have had your company's Employee Assistance Program presented to them that includes your company's Drug & Alcohol Policy. To assist you in these items you can click here.

If you ever have an accident, you need to know if it is just a marine incident or a serious marine incident. A serious marine incident requires you & your crew to have a DOT approved alcohol test done within 2 hours of the incident and a chemical test (urine) for drugs within 32 hours of the incident.

You also need to have the latest: paper chart of your area of operation and either paper or electronic copies of: Coast Pilot, Light list, local notice to mariners, tide table, current tables.

Feel free to contact a UPV Examiner or your USCG Sector Inspection Department for more information.